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WHAT'S ON: 30th March 2023, 5.30pm - 7.30pm Johnny K's new exhibition "Where Young Hearts Roam"

The Wentworth Gallery, 1 Martin Place, Sydney.

On the back of two previous sellout shows, Johnny brings new elements to his work further expanding his vision, creating his most fleshed out body of work to date.

"I currently spend most of my time exploring dirt roads in rural NSW, where painting from life has played a critical role in shaping my current style and approach to painting. I rework some paintings in my studio that were painted en plein air to help give me more time to think about my experience outside and how to best portray my experience in the work. Using thick brush marks and layers of paint enables me to capture the tough Australian terrain. I want viewers to be able to see and feel the terrain on the surface of my paintings and through my work take them on my adventures and journey into the Australian landscape." Johnny K

This exhibition promises to be a highlight of The Wentworth Galleries exhibition calendar this year

When you are new in the CBD, make sure you stop past the Wentworth Galleries to see these evocative oil on canvas pieces.


To be a guest with Black key at future art gallery opening, please contact your Black Key private concierge or email to express your interest.


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